And I loved

And I loved And I loved them much more conscious love as was already able to distinguish good and bad.

And me they, liked to admit!

Teachers they after all too people, and clever it is more pleasant to communicate with clever, and what neither education nor a growing could not correct, will be all the same delightful to ruin any extraordinary pupil.

The most gifted girl of Kitezh Valya bewildered complained to me that in the fourth and fifth classes of comprehensive Kaluga school it was not loved by teachers: They were irritated by my questions!

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Moreover, the children

Moreover, the children I know precisely, now it will be stored in his soul as revelation, so, in choice situations, will lay down on a bowl of scales with an inscription GOOD.

With process of a growing and intellectual growth, conversations about secrets of soul and pleasures of understanding become much more successful and productive.

Moreover, the children who grew up in Kitezh it is more free, than their contemporaries in other places, speak on these subjects.

They allow both friends and the adults to discuss internal problems of the personality, to point to mistakes and shortcomings, together to find a way out of psychological deadlocks.

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…. So such

…. So such … You already know everything that it is necessary for you.

Matter only in unblocking, unlocking, releasing.


So such realization?

This instant expansion, drawing apart borders … It was possible to call it expansion of prospect, except for that moment that the prospect usually assumes a distance, and realization always directly adjoins to that will confess … more elements seem at the same time, and see they as connected integrated.

Is present here and now, as part of the current situation.

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It expands

It expands Both not to frighten the child, and not to loosen own nervous system!

The main thing to understand that intellectual development at good schools it also acts as an ultimate goal of lessons it and is one of the main types of therapy.

It expands possibilities of reason, and that, in turn helps the personality to cope with psychological problems.

Our experience shows that in certain cases even the fifthgrader is capable to compare himself with people around, logically to analyze the internal problems.

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And time

And time As happy mother and the professional consultant for monetary problems, I was not able to allow the children grow without reasonable share of financial education.

But even I was fine surprised, having seen as strongly such approach affected Rhett.

Rett the ordinary teenager capable to upset.

He would forget the head, do not sit it tight on his shoulders.

And time its wallet and phone are not attached to it, it often leaves, having left them at home.

I did not manage to convince completely him that candies this desire, but not requirement.

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